Brad Paisley Tour 2016 Crushin It!

For country fans around the globe Crushin’ It is one of the most exciting announcements of this year. One of the worlds foremost country superstars is back for the Brad Paisley tour 2016. Thankfully for all of us who love country music there have been even more dates added to his concerts! There are even more shows for the fans to enjoy in both the United States and in Canada. If you want to be able to get in on these extended dates now is a very good time to pick up some tickets which you can find below.

The first show of the extended concerts will be happening in Arkansas. And if you are interested in checking out the first show of his new leg it will be taking place on January 21. Right now the last show on this final leg of his concerts will be happening on March 12 in Illinois. If you get lucky, you’ll also be able to check out his special opening acts Cam, and Eric Paslay. That’s definitely a tasty treat for any concertgoer. It’s just a few extra artists that you get to enjoy for the same price as seeing a single musician! Who wouldn’t welcome that with open arms?

As of right now there is only a single show that is scheduled for the summer time. It will be happening in Colorado at their country jam Festival. There will be several other bands headlining along with Brad. These are superstar acts like Lee Brice, Blake Shelton, and the Zac Brown band. You don’t need to worry if you don’t see any tasty dates around your city, he is going to keep adding dates to his schedule all throughout next year. There are already a ton of shows on the books though, so just go ahead and check out the schedule above if you want to see where and when he will be playing live shows.

Wintertime of next year is a great time to be a country fan. Paisley is one of today’s top country guitarists, songwriters, and singers. His amazing talents have helped him win a bunch of awards. Just to name some of them he has one things like more than a dozen awards from the Academy of country music awards, three Grammy awards, and another dozen or so country music Association awards. He must have quite a trophy shelf back at the ranch! Unlike a lot of other artists out there these days he doesn’t have ghostwriters and ghost musicians cranking out all his hit songs for him.

He has had 23 singles reach the number one position on the Billboard charts over the years and out of those 23 songs he has created 20 of them! Try to find another country artist who has a track record like that when it comes to making their own music, and not only that, but also finding the level of commercial success that he has creating all his own songs. The Brad Paisley tour 2016 has been going extremely well even as of this year, that’s why he has decided to extend the shows and keep going all the way throughout next year.

While you’re at his show why not pick up some of his official merchandise like belts, jeans, jewelry, T-shirts, and hats. These are all officially endorsed by Brad himself so you are going to get cheap knockoffs from foreign countries. These are exciting times for Paisley fans, he is adding date after date onto his touring schedule and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. That doesn’t mean that you want to wait until the last moment until you pick up your tickets, on the contrary, the earlier you by your seats the better prices you’ll be able to get and the location of your seats will also be better.